Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Ode to Liberty

On New Years Eve I went to the Liberty in Fashion exhibition at the London Fashion & textile museum.  What can I say, I was in heaven, I loved it.  I wanted to share a few highlights and some of my next Liberty inspired projects.

So the exhibition - its quite small and mainly consists of dresses that have been made by Liberty/in Liberty fabric over the decades.  Here are a few of my highlights and my top 3 facts!!!

First up, I learnt that my favourite Hebe fabric is very, very old - here is a scarf in it from 1905!  Amazing that it still looks so good today.  I have this fabric as blinds/cushions in our bedroom plus I 'm sewing a top with it right now too.

Second fact- did you know that the Liberty store is built with wood from some battleships!  I love the store and found that fascinating!

And my last random fact - Tana Lawn - where does the name come from?  Well its named after Lake Tana, in Africa where Cotton is grown!

Some photos of my favourite dresses in the exhibition:

Look at this neckline...

I love the shaping on this dress, there are pleats & gathers all over the place

3 things I love about this one...  the fabric, the skirt line which has got curved pleat/tucks running down and the frills on the top.  I d love to make this, wouldn't know where to start without a pattern though!

I thought this patchwork skirt was quite effective.

Love this dress shape, especially the big collar.

Love, love the fabric and the neckline!  I d never have thought of doing a frill in a box shape like that

I d love to wear this one, all those lovely neat pin tucks & puffy sleeves.
The detailing on this one was quite magnificent ...
Love the fabric combo and all those tiny buttons going up to the bow at the top.  I could definitely have a go at making something like this.

And lastly some nice embroidery.... this was really very old.

So what am I going to make next in this Liberty theme?

First up is a Agnes top in this lovely Liberty fabric my mum gave me for Christmas- the collar on the pattern and the nice curved shape reminds me of some of the details in the exhibition....

Secondly, and boy do I love this one...  a Simplicity vintage pattern with the Hera tana lawn.  Half made.  Can't want to finish it and share it.

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