Saturday, 10 October 2015

Pattern Hacking – 3 blouse looks, $1 pattern!!

I just finished 2 different projects of the same pattern – somewhat hacked to create totally different looks.  The pattern is Burda #128, a simple button up sleeveless blouse that I bought in their $1 promotion!  Its my first print at home pattern and although not a fan of all the printing, sticking and cutting, for $1 I can live with it!  Here is the pattern, I bought it because I love the neckline !  I don’t have huge amounts of time to sew so I like patterns I can do quick and I tend to sew a version of the same thing twice as I find once I’ve conquered a pattern  I can do a second one much quicker & better – and I tend to make a few pattern adaptations so the end garment looks different.
Pattern pic

So how did I find the pattern?   Its ok, but the instructions around sewing the neckline aren’t great. My top tips for this pattern are
  • For the neckline, the way the folds should look before you attach it to the back piece/collar is as follows.  This isn’t how it looked when  I followed the fold lines on the pattern, but with a bit of experimentation I decided this was right
  • The collar pattern piece is way too small.  Cut it like 3 times bigger than the pattern (easy to trim it down when in place but you can’t make it any bigger if you follow the pattern)
  • I found it easier to make the collar front & back as one piece so you can just fold over
  • The collar piece attaches to the back with the short end, not the long end  (why don’t patterns tell you these details!!)
  • When you attach the front to the back/collar, you want to sew in a straight line.  Sounds obvious but with how the collar attaches, the temptation is to have an angle in it, but don’t keep sewing straight & trim off the excess
  • Ensure the collar piece extends beyond the front when you attach it the front so you ve something to fold over
  • Once you’ve got this bit cracked, the rest is totally straightforward!!

Pattern Hack 1:  So my first project was to do the pattern without buttons.  I have an aversion to sewing buttons & button holes.  I’ve made a fair few mistakes sewing button holes in the past and I hate handsewing so attaching buttons isn’t my favourite task either.   So for this one, instead of cutting 2 of the front pieces, I just cut it on the fold.    This worked well, however for me the neckline was then a bit low & a bit baggy, never fear- I therefore folded it over a bit and added a button and was very happy with this ‘structural’ neckline that is quite distinctive!  I added a small cap sleeve as I thought that looked best to balance out the neckline.
Note on this first one I made a mess of the collar.  I cut the piece way too small so I ended up sewing a second collar totally over the first one to fix it.  Anyway I think it looks ok and shows you can salvage it if you go wrong first time!  I would have unpicked it but the fabric is a little delicate for that.
I m loving this one!  Fabric is from Croftmill

Pattern hack 2:  I totally love this Liberty feather tana lawn so this was my inspiration for number 2. I only had 1
  precious metre so I needed to stretch it as far as possible.  This time I did the button up version.  Neckline was fine second time round as I started off with a much bigger collar piece. 
My hacks this time were:
-        Adding sleeves (I just took a sleeve pattern off another top that looked like it would fit and made the sleeves as long as I could with the fabric I had left!!)  I found some binding in the perfect blue colour so used a bit of that as an accent around the sleeve (and inside collar)
-        Detachable pussybow!  This I’m super happy with & can’t believe I didn’t think of this before!!  I love pussybow blouses but with a 1 yr old they are not the most practical as he tries to swing off them and they dangle in his face when I try to put him in & out of his pushchair!!  So this was the ultimate solution & means I have 2 tops in one. I finished the neckline of the top as per the pattern then made the pussybow with just a very long strip of fabric. At the moment I ve just left it totally loose – when its worn on top of the blouse you can’t tell its loose and its easy to take off.  But you could add a button at the back to hold in place if you wished!  Here it is with & without the bow!  Can’t believe I managed the entire blouse out of 1 metre! 

-        So there we have it – 3 tops really  from the same pattern- very happy with them!!  What have you pattern hacked recently?   MessyEssyMakes xx

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