Monday, 12 October 2015

Goldhawk Rd fabric haul

I ve got a few days off so am busy with a few sewing projects and treated myself to a trip to Goldhawk Rd today.  Here is my fabric haul!!

Recently I bought some lovely fabrics from Fabric Godmother, Croftmill and Sew Over It.  With this one top I ve got no idea where I ll ever find the time to sew it all, but thats a nice problem to have!!

This is my favourite (difficult to photograph!) its wool & stretchy in a 1m40 repeat - black on one side, purple on the other and a gradient in between.  Its going to look fab in a dress.  This photo really doesn't do it justice.

A grey jersey. for a winter top...  I m thinking Tilly Buttons Agnes or maybe a cowl neck

A heavyweight Liberty cotton for a sleeved shift dress:

Liberty tana lawn geometric print:

Apparently this is a Missoni wool- got the end of a roll and I m thinking either a cosy jumper or else I may make up some scarves.  I ve not sewn anything like this before, lets see how that goes.

A lightweight jersey that I ll keep for a summer top next year:

 Now this one I m undecided on.  My husbands face when I showed him kind of put me off!  Its a good quality jersey with a black stripe and bright feathers.  Its very cheerful!  Lets see what it looks like made up.

And the best news- thanks to the Lidl sale I now have an overlocker!!  Yay!  I ve got a very sore arm now though as I d not anticipated how much it weighed - pushing a pram with one arm and carrying that with the other hasn't done my arm any favours!!  Just need to get some thread for it now and lets see what magic it can work on my jerseys.

What have you bought recently?  What do you think of the feather number?!


  1. I love the black-purple gradient - can't wait to see the dress you make with it!

  2. I am a relative newcomer to your blog, having discovered you when you entered the denim competition. Today, I have been reading a large number of your old blog posts, which I appreciate very much. I love your choices in fabric, and absolutely adore the feathers on black and white stripes. Did you ever make up this fabric? If so, how did it turn out? By the way, just in case I don't find my way back to your most recent fabric post -- I absolutely love, covet and adore your new House of Hackney bird print. I have seen that design before, as a wallpaper, which was carried by Anthropologie. I did not know it came in a fabric, which I assume is for upholstery. I looked everywhere I could think of today, to see if I could locate some at a reasonable price. I could not find any House of Hackney items for sale, except on eBay, and then it was all fabric covered sneakers. I have now subscribed to your blog, so I will be reading all of your posts. I cannot wait to see what you do with that piece, as well. It appears that you are a relative beginner at sewing, but you have real talent. You horde great fabrics and patterns, just as I do, and I find you inspiring. You don't have many followers on your blog at the moment, but I predict that will change now, because people will come looking to read more about the clever genius, who won the denim competition. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    1. Thankyou so much Ann for taking the time to read so many posts and leave your kind words. In answer to your questions- I haven't actuallly sewed the feather jersey yet! Amy ideas welcome!! As for house of hackney fabric, you need to buy direct. They sell their fabrics in their hackney store (and some online) but in the region of 80-100 per metre do its pricey!! They do sample sales s few times a year, usually also in Hackney and sell lots of fabrics. I bought 4, between £25-£40 per metre. Look out for them on their Instagram feed if you can get to London!!