Friday, 13 November 2015

Me & my overlocker. Was it love at first stitch?

So as some of you may know, I bought a Singer overlocker (serger) in the Lidl sale.  I've fancied one for ages and finally thought  I d go for it.  I thought I'd share how I got on!

The day I bought it  (same day I did my fabric haul on Goldhawk rd) I got all excited, unpacked it and wanted to get started... but realised that I needed needles for it and of course thread... a lot of thread.  Cue some online shopping  for these things.

Last weekend, armed with my 4 big spools of cotton, my trusty Agnes pattern and some jersey,  I got cracking.  I sat there with the instructions and puzzled. and puzzled.  Threading this thing is darn complicated.  I didn't understand the instructions at all and I d never seen one in use so I really had no idea how the thing worked.

Anyway some You Tube searches sorted me out and I learnt step by step how to thread it   I still find it complicated- but I did manage.  That also told me what settings to set it all on for a basic medium weight jersey.  Then I was off.  It was like the grand national the machine goes so fast.  I only put the tiniest bit of pressure on the foot and bang- the whole seam was done.

My first sew was a simple Tilly Agnes top - well 2 actually.  The first one is a reversible black/grey ponte and the other is a navy and gold jersey.  Sewing the reversible fabric is so satisfying... i couldn't stop admiring the contrast stitching on the reverse!!

You don't want to make a mistake on this thing.  I was doing a curve, attaching the sleeve to the body.  Well I was watching the needles and forgot that the cutter is before the fabric gets to the needle (doh).  So the point at which I stopped to pivot the fabric, it already had cut it all wrong.  Luckily I cut the fabric big so I had some room to correct (phew!) .  You also don't want to have to unpick.  I tried a bit. No.  I ended up just cutting it off and doing a new hem.

So far I ve not tried anything other than the straightforward 4 thread overlock.  I know it does a bunch of other stuff like hems  (sounds good but I want to enjoy doing my seams for now and I ll get stressed about that another day) and also you can sew using only 2-3 threads - why,  whats that for?, do you just put less threads in the machine?  Which ones you do leave out?

I m impressed. I love it.  In 2 hours I went from wanting to cry because i was totally clueless and couldn't work it out, to adoring it and overlocking everything in sight!!!

So here is what i made...

And this one I was so happy with i took a picture right way out and inside out!!  I didn't want the gold pattern to overwhelm so I only used it for the centre panel on the front... but as a result the inside looks quite nice too!!

Any overlocker tips, tricks etc... let me know...   I think I'm hooked.  And anyone still on the fence... go on. It will be love at first stitch... even if threading it reduces you to tears ;)

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