Saturday, 12 December 2015

My Missoni wool jumper worked out!!!!

I bought this Missoni wool on Goldhawk rd a few months ago and I adore it.  Its definitely not going to be practical and I had never sewn anything like this before so frankly, I was expecting a disaster.  I had a pattern that was in the Burda magazine from Oct 2015 that I decided to use.

I often make 2 of the same pattern as I find it efficient and in this instance, I wanted to do a trial run before cutting my beautiful wool!  I had a dark green sequinned boucle fabric I got really cheap online that I used for my practice run.  I cut it too short at the front, but apart from that I loved it !  Its a really easy pattern to sew too- I made this first one in under 2 hours.  The pattern has a side zip but I left that out.

So onto my Missoni wool.  I was holding my breath cutting this baby.  I definitely spent more time trying to cut it out than I did actually sewing it!! I wanted to use the lovely pattern to add to the jumper & I also wanted to use as much of the natural edge of the fabric as possible (so I minimised the amount of hems I needed to do as its not really all that hemmable!)

First up I created a V down the front which I m super happy with!  I got a square of paper, folded it in half  & put that at the top of the fabric to create the right angle to cut on to get it right.

So first job, sew this together well.....  result!!

I used a piece of the fabric edge for the end of the cuffs to save doing a hem & that worked out really well:

And then its just a case of sewing it all together..... Literally that took me 20  minutes on my overlocker!!   And because I had used the fabric edge at the cuff and the top of the neck, I only had the bottom edge to hem.  That edge is curved so I couldn't use the fabric edge (plus that wouldn't work with the angle I chose to cut the fabric) so for this I used a piece of navy jersey bias binding.  I wasn't sure how the fabric would react to this but it looks totally fine.

And here is me looking very happy with myself in my snuggly jumper!!

The back I just did the stripes going across- I didn't have the option of anything more fancy with what fabric i have left- but I do like the contrast with the front -and it makes it easy to put it on the right way around ;)
And with the scraps I made a wooly hat and scarf for my snowman for my Christmas jumper.... more on that to follow.

Really happy this worked out.  Another one that I m not sure will wash very well... hand washing only me thinks, but fingers crossed on that one.  x

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