Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Too cute mini clothes!

Well finally I've done some non selfish sewing - the lucky recipient is my 1 year old, Seb.   So far I ve been put off making anything as he grows so fast I thought he would grow out of it before I d finished it, but recently I bought some oh-so cute fabrics from M is for make and now I ve caught the bug of mini clothes!!  I love the fact they sell small quantities- I don't need 1 metre of fabric to make clothes for a one year old and so many places won't sell you less!

Here are are my cute fabrics. mostly bought from .....

So I decided I d make little trousers.  I ve got some for him from Boden which I adore, so I roughly made up a pattern based on those.

Before cutting any of my new fabrics, I made some as a trial with some scraps  of pale blue cord I had left over.  They turned out pretty well!!

They are blue corduroy with some red details.  He looks super cute in them....

I was glad I made a trial run, there were 3 things I wanted to change for the next pairs...
- I wanted to line them
- I wanted to make more room in the bum/make them higher at the back to allow more nappy space, so I added in a triangle at the back (a la jeans) and cut the bit around the crotch a bit wider
- After a few wears the stitching at the back was pulling apart (apparently little boys give their trousers a hard time with all that climbing) so for the next ones, much stronger stitching on the seams- I used the overlocker to sew the seams, then sewed them down similar to how jeans are finished.  This seems to have worked much better.

Here we go, my second pair:

These ones are a lovely star corduroy, lined with Jersey.  I actually cut up a pair of maternity leggings for the lining as they were the perfect colour to match the waist band!

Here you can see the 'V' I added in the back and the oversewing.

And onto pair 3 to complete my hat trick!  This was my absolute favourite fabric & I was so excited to sew it and see him wear it.  Its very winter themed so I needed to get a move on before it gets to Spring or Summer ;)

 I used Polar bear fabric on the outside and a soft blue stripe jersey on the inside and for the pocket detail:

I used the navy ribbing again for the waistband but I had also a cool idea to sew a strip of this down the side - its super stretchy so I thought it gives more movement & flexibility for wear!

Here you can see how I double stitched all the seams (done again on over locker on the inside)

And here is a shot of the inside/lining:

 And finally the side view

So thats it!!  Super happy and can't wait for him to come home from nursery to get him to try on these new pairs ready for his Christmas holidays!!

Here a few shots of the trousers all together...

I want to make some tops/sweatshirt/shorts with the rest of my cute fabric....      in the new year ;)  I don't have any patterns for kids clothes so any recommendations welcome!

Messyessymakes xx

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