Friday, 22 July 2016

Tops glorious tops!!

I thought I d write a blog today about how I use a basic bodice to create lots of different tops

I d recommend getting a basic bodice pattern that is perfect for you and making it in a nice thick card so it's robust. For mine I started with a bought dress pattern that was ok and I amended it- in at the back, higher shoulders, larger arm holes, adding darts done by a mix of measurement and trial and error. A bit of playing around, but now each time I reach for it I know it will work!!  I also made it so it goes over my head so I don't need a zip/buttons unless I want them. I m quite flat chested so I guess this isn't an option if you are more blessed than me in that department!

I then add different details to it. Here is my basic block that I recently made into cardboard!!:

And what it looks like made up!

Then I add different sleeves, stealing them Mix & match off other patterns! 

It even works perfectly in lace!  With lace I leave the edges raw and sew tape on the inside to give structure:

I sometimes add detail down the front:

I mix it up with the hem, such as this one with curved seams:

I sometimes put details down the back :

Sometimes add a collar...
And sometimes I mess up and run short on fabric and have to add a section at the bottom;)

In short, I love having a block & mixing and matching designs!  
Messyessymakes x

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  1. This is so inspiring, seeing all the different variations you make from one block! You've done what I always plan to do, but never get around to! LOL! You are very good at using fabrics and getting different looks out of them.