Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sewoverit Ultimate trousers

I ve gone a bit Ultimate Trouser mad!! I did the course at SewOverIt London with Julie as I'd never made trousers before and I had no clue how to fit them. I was in total fear they would split in wear & leave me indecent!  So I figured if I did a course, I d end up with a pair that fit that I'd have the confidence to wear- and it worked !!! 
The pattern itself is very simple- just a front piece, back piece & facing. 
The first pair I made in class was with a reversible denim I bought at Mood in NYC- I made it up in the light side which is a lovely pinky colour.   So all pieces cut out & the edges overlocked.  First job was to sew the centre seams together & leave the outside seams.  Julie then pinned them on and pinned the darts so they fitted just right.

Next job just to sew it all together!
After it was all sewn up with a zip added, I did feel like I needed to make a few more adjustments around the crotch & tighten the legs a bit.  Then they just needed hemming & the facing for the waist adding and there they are, finished!!!  The colour contrast works great with the turn up.  I m really happy with how they turned out & the fit!!
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So after my first success I decided to make some more!!  The weather suddenly got hot so I decided to have a go at shorts!  Really straightforward make as I'd copied all the fitting adjustments on to the pattern - I made them in less than 2 hours!!

And well I'm keeping going - adding in a few hacks to mix it up a bit.  Next up was another pair of shorts- this time denim. I wanted just a really comfortable, easy to wear (and easy to run after a toddler in) shorts that were quite long - I get very sun burned so I m keen on covering up as much as possible!!

I used fabric from Fabric Godmother- a denim that is black on one side and grey on the other.   My pattern hack on this one was to add a very slim waist band; to do contrast turn ups and to add the tabs, secured with pearl snaps using the Prym pliers.

I attached the turn-ups using my overlocker as follows:

And here is a close up of the pearl snap fasteners, which I love!!

and here they are on.  Im super happy- they are so comfy, exactly what I wanted.

And my final pair- for now at least, are trousers with a curved edge detail - in another lovely fabric from Fabric godmother.   The thing I love about this pattern is now that I ve got a version which fits, I can make them quite quickly- I have to do a bit of adjustment on each to account for the level of stretch in the fabric etc, but it is a very quick sew - I also find it great to work on 2 pairs at once as I kinda get in the groove and can whistle through the second one even quicker than the first!

This final pair are a great fabric from Fabric Godmother and I added curved hems & a thin waistband with snap fasten.

Did you try the pattern yet?  Any other trouser pattern recommendations?

Messyessymakes x

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  1. I think they are super, I've not attempted trousers or shorts yet, wish I lived somewhere near Sew it over as its great to learn face to face.

  2. These are fab! I love all your different variations. Those patterned shorts look perfect for this gorgeous weather we are having!

    1. Thankyou! Yes I ve been wearing the shorts do much!!

  3. These all look great! I've been tempted by the Sew Over it pattern, and class, but I have the GBSB 'Fashion with Fabric' book which has a similar capri pattern I'm going to have a go with instead. It's interesting to hear how much you've had to alter the final fit on each pair based on the fabric.