Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My Christmas sew - a Tilly Mathilde top for my mum

So if you read my blog regularly or follow me on Instagram you ll know that most of my sewing is truly selfish.  I decided this Christmas that I'd sew my mum something - after all she got me into sewing in the first place and is the person who would most appreciate something hand made.  I chose the Tilly Buttons Mathilde blouse- I already had the pattern & hadn't cut it out yet, so it was great to cut firstly my mums size, then I can trim the pattern down to my size later.

I know she absolutely adores this Liberty Lodden print I have in my stash, she tells me every time she sees it - and I wanted to pair it with another fabric so it wasn't too full on.  Since  Ive not sewn for her before and asking for any measurements would kind of be a give away, I decided to combine with a knit fabric with some stretch so I could be more confident in the fit.  I planned to use the Liberty at the top yoke section & on the cuffs, then use the plain stretch in between.

I made a few pattern alterations to the back - I didn't want to use buttons down the back on the stretch fabric and I wanted to have some of the Liberty print also on the back, so I cut the back in 2 pieces, mirroring the Yoke from the front.   Its good to know the top went over my head fine without the need of a zip/button opening- I was going to add 1 button at the top if I needed to add an opening, but in the end I tried without and it was perfect.

I also added some ties round the waist to give definition & so mum can pull it in if its too baggy. I also thought adding this extra bit of the Liberty fabric was also a nice detail.  To do this I just made 2 long strips of fabric folded over & sewn, then just sewn into the side seams as I did them.

I sewed the cotton bits on the regular machine (french seams as per pattern) and then I  used the overlocker on the stretch elements (or to join the cotton and the stretch together).  This worked fine.  Where the cotton/jersey joined I sewed it on the overlocker, then pressed the overlock stitch down & sewed over it again on the front to keep it down & neatly in place- happy with how neat that looks actually!

I used the Liberty fabric on the cuff also...
And to finish I used a double needle on the hem which I m a big fan of on stretch fabric.

The pleats were the trickiest bit.  I'd be hesitant to do the pleats down the front again in a stretch fabric- they are not perfect and were really tricky to measure out & get them right- I think I would have faired better in a non stretch with those- which I ll try next time.  I should add that I m  not the most patient or precise person in the world so  I may also struggle with 'normal' fabric too- lets see.

 But apart from that I really like the balance of Liberty lawn and the stretch fabric both in terms of how it looks & how comfortable it is to wear.  Another great Tilly pattern that I would recommend- I really like it and its quite a flexible pattern that you can mix up a bit as I ve shown. Here is the finished thing...

Don't think there is much more to tell... apart from the fact of course she totally loved it!!!!  and more importantly, it fit!!  Phew!

Messyessymakes  x

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